• Applicant must be an African.

• Applicant must not be above 70 years.

• All applicant should after the training submit a project proposal or business proposal that shall meet the donors requirement. NGO-FUNDS have no guarantee that all submitted proposal shall gain fund from the donors.

• Training do not in any means guarantee fund or contract.

• Training in other terms is just acquiring of knowledge after two days complete training you are awarded certificate.

• Training certificate shall not be a fund claiming instrument. It is simply a certification of knowledge acquired through training.

• All certified or shortlisted proposals shall bear all sites, legal and process/administrative charges of 1% -2%.

• NGO-FUNDS have the right and privilege to effect any charges of any kind including time and condition of service without prior notice to general public.

• All applicants are mandate to pay in our approved bank or online payment platform.

• NGO-FUNDS management shall not bear any risk whatsoever on any occasion leading to cash payment to any person or group. Cash payment is prohibited.

• There's NO REFUND of payment for Registration fees.

• All cash refund shall be made in minimum period of 30days or more.

• All complaint shall be in writing to head admin at

• All applicants for loan or grant shall do so allowing a good period of time for all process to be completed. The donor has the right to terminate any document or applicants application without reason stated.

• NGO-FUNDS are sole consultant to loan and grant and all right reserved.

• Any problem no matter its nature shall be handled by internal committee and if not treated shall go to court of law and only Nigerian or West African court shall be the only legal authority that can handle such matters.

• All form of bribery shall be considered criminal offence.

• In an event of death of a beneficiary or applicant official next of kin shall be accepted bono fid beneficiary.

Last Modified: Wednesday 30th of January, 2019.