Step By Step

Getting Funds does not entirely depend on your financial need. There are many reasons why you may have a good proposal and can't access fund, that is why you need a Consultant.

The Job a Lawyer does in a Court room is what a Financial Consultant will do for you when you need a Loan or Grant.

After establishing the kind of funding you need, you will prepare your project plan to meet with required standard for funding.
We encourage you to use the services of a qualified Financial Consultant with track record for your financial need.

STAGE 1: Successful Registration.

STAGE 2: Certified Training.

STAGE 3: Submission of Projects/Business Proposals.

STAGE 4: Interview.

STAGE 5: Training of Shortlisted Candidates.

STAGE 6: Supervision/Evaluation.

STAGE 7: Funds Approval.

STAGE 8: Disbursement of Funds.

STAGE 9: Project/Business Commissioning.

STAGE 10: Monitoring.

STAGE 11: Management Training.

STAGE 12: Repayment (For Loan Applicants Only)