NGO-FUNDS Consulting Company is a multi-national financial consulting company with partners all over the world helping over 3million Agencies get Funds they need for the development of human and the environment.

Our tailor-made assistance is best classified as one man shop where your concerns are treated on personal grounds with over 18 thousand staff with a huge wealth of experience, we are confident that your financial needs are going to be classified and provided as far as it meets the donor agencies that shall be funding the project.

We ensure timely services and procurement of fund, giving training to all concern, providing technical support where necessary.

We hold an annual conference, to match our words with action; We do yearly auditing with world reputable firm to guarantee transparency and judicious use of the fund. Thus, gaining the trust of the donors and guarantee of future investment.

Our job focuses on the expansion of projects and improving the lives of the beneficiaries both in the rural area and urban dwellers.

Today we are launching our first Loan and Grant Certificate Training by NGO-FUNDS UK LIMITED, this training is deemed necessary because Africans need to know where the world is moving to and find their place in the whole assignment of development. This yearly Training Event with theme WAKE UP AFRICA will educate and prepare everyone through training on where money is, how to get it and how to use it to the benefit of all.

This training is going to boast our ideas into practical development which Africa has long been lacking. We have wealth of resources, ideas, and manpower, but lack the spirit of matching our ideas with our resources to produce that result that can transform our generation from depending on the western world.

The danger of our poor mental state has brought about illegal migrations 2nd market slavery called adoption in the now East Africa and rest of Africa.

Our poor developmental plan and strategic execution of it even when funds are not the problem has been traced to poor governance and corruption.

Therefore, we must train ourselves again before others do come to train us the 2nd time, that will be at a huge cost if not a capital loss of lives.

We welcome you once again to our world – Wake up African.

Send in your quality proposal of an idea that can change Africa to

Best Regards.